Celebration Cakes

Every occasion deserves a cake as sweet as the event you’re celebrating. We can help to make your birthday, anniversary, graduation or any other special event more exciting with a cake that is as beautiful as it is delicious!

Basic Cakes

Our standard cakes can be ordered off our menu with the cake flavor and frosting of your choice.  These cakes come complete with a frosting border, as well as script of your choice, such as "Happy Birthday!!!".

We try to keep a variety of 4″ to 6″  cakes available in our display cases for immediate purchase. However, we highly recommend placing cake orders at least 48 hours in advance–on popular weekends our baking schedule often fills up quickly. 

Also, our cake studio is closed Sunday-Tuesday, but cakes can be picked up on Saturday and we guarantee they will still be delicious!!

Basic Pricing


(Our layered cakes consist of 4 layers of cake and 3 layers of filling)

4-6 servings - $30 (4 inch round)

10-12 servings - $48 (6 inch round)

18-20 servings - $75  (8 inch round)                                                                                         


Specialty Cakes

The sky is truly the limit when it comes to designing the perfect cake for your event. We specialize in custom and unique cakes that will be the centerpiece of your celebration. All of our custom cakes are priced according to the size and complexity of the design. Call us at 406-315-1221 or email us at crooked.tree@live.com for more information or to get a quote on your custom cake! 

We require at least 2 weeks notice on specialty custom cakes and only take a limit number of custom cakes each week.  Please consider this when ordering as we may already be booked.




Romantic Red Velvet

A lovely balance between chocolate and vanilla, our red velvet cake is delicious paired with our cream Cheese Frosting.


Big Sky Carrot

Our moist, fluffy cake filled with a mix of coconut, pecans and pineapple.  And don't worry...there are no raisins (for those of you who don't like raisins!).  Pair this cake with our tangy cream cheese frosting.

Delectable Chocolate

Our most versatile chocolate recipe that works well with all of our delicious frostings.


Elegant Vanilla Bean

One of our most popular and versatile cakes.  This cake pairs well with our Italian buttercream, traditional buttercream, or our chocolate buttercream.


Luscious Lemon

Our tangy lemon cake is delicious alongside our homemade lemon, raspberry, or strawberry fillings.  Also goes great with our Italian buttercream and cream cheese frostings.

Crazy for Coconut

You won't be disappointed with this fabulous fluffy cake that pairs well with our coconut pecan cream cheese frosting.


sweet moscato

With a similar texture as our vanilla cake, this lovely cake is perfect for any celebration and pairs perfectly with our champagne buttercream.

Frosting FLAVORS

Traditional Buttercream

On the sweeter side, with a hint of almond flavor.


Mocha Buttercream

We use our own Herkimer espresso in this flavorful buttercream.

Vanilla Italian Buttercream

Silky buttery smooth texture, not quite as sweet as our traditional buttercream. 



Our Delectable Chocolate cake is topped with our silky and smooth peanut butter Italian buttercream.

Chocolate Buttercream

Our sweeter chocolate frosting.



Our homemade caramel sauce is infused in this silky buttercream that is enhanced with sea salt.


Sweet Moscato Buttercream

This silky buttercream is infused with a hint of champagne.


Coconut Pecan Cream Cheese Frosting

Toasted pecans and shredded coconut mixed with our cream cheese frosting.


Lemon Buttercream

Silky, tangy, and great with our vanilla or lemon cake flavors.


Cream Cheese Frosting

Deliciously tangy and goes great with any of our cake flavors.


German Chocolate Frosting

Our made from scratch pecan coconut frosting (perfect as a filling for our chocolate cake!)


Extra charge applies with the addition of our made from scratch fruit fillings

Raspberry Filling

Lemon curd

Strawberry Filling

Pastry Cream